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C.B.S.E. Affiliation No. - 2133521 (Status: Senior Secondary) School Code - 61369

The school has well-furnished computer labs equipped with an adequate number of PCs multimedia kits, colour monitors and laser printers. All students from classes prep to VIII are learning computer skills with the help of our well-trained faculty. Our well-equipped physics, chemistry and biology labs, lays great emphasis on learning by doing. All these labs have independent work stations for our students. There are more than sufficient equipment in all the laboratories. A fully furnished maths lab inspires students to explore and learn. Here students explore the properties of quadrilaterals, discover various centres of a triangle, spend time on plotting and understanding graphs of various functions and appreciate the beauty of mathematics. Our efficient staff provides opportunities for the students to discover mathematics through doing. It helps in taking the student knowledge beyond the circular.

 Computer Labs-

Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab

Biology Lab


St. Thomas School

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