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“A letter earns its identity through graduation into word. Word wins its integrity through mounting collage of words. From letters to a word, and a word to group of words, make relevant worlds expression, give meaning to the standards of language, as a powerful conduit of words finesse.”


Language fascinates young children. When they hold their first marker and stroke it across a piece of paper or the hallway wall, they know they can make their mark on the world. ‘We’ as teachers are here to celebrate that accomplishment and support them as they try to finesse what they want. Our English corner will provide them ideas and authentic instruction to finesse their language and design their vibrant thoughts.




Super Spellerz

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Elocution Reults

Word Nerd


Compound words

 English loves to take existing words and smash them together so that they act as one unit. This is called compounding. But how do you know if a word is one word or two?
See the video and know it yourself.


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