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The quest for knowledge is unending. Inquisitiveness has sparked the human mind to embark on the mission of unravelling the hidden mysteries behind nature, our existence and the promise of a better future. But where we begin and how we approach is what defines the hallmark of any institution of learning.

The present times have opened new opportunities of learning to us. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools to shift to virtual mode. Teachers have explored and exploited technological means to their advantage to meaningfully engage with the students. The challenges were no less for students who felt handicapped adapting to the new normal. Feedback and communication between teachers and students, forming a vital aspect of assessment, got impacted due to several reasons, primarily due to the technical glitches, lack of technological know-how, and distractions faced by students at home. By proper time management and adopting new learning techniques in online lessons, students can conquer these challenges to a great extent.

 St. Thomas Orthodox Church Society (Regd),  has been playing a lead role in the field of education, since 1986,  in imparting competitive,  smart and value-based education to students, through its schools at Sahibabad, Indirapuram and Indraprastha Yojna,  Loni. The Management and staff always strive to nurture holistic development of students in an environment that promotes love for culture, tradition and commitment to the Nation.

It is our fervent belief that students of today should be moulded in core values of human dignity, religious harmony, and mutual respect for other’s feelings and beliefs. Education is meaningful when scientific temper blends with discipline and morals, aiding in the holistic development of a child’s personality. At our school, we strive to achieve this every day. We are anticipating your whole hearted prayers and support in our efforts to reach these goals.

Fr. Saji Abraham



St. Thomas School

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