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Each individual creature on this beautiful planet is the creation of the Lord Almighty with a specific purpose.
-Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

When India is striving hard to carve it's niche in the field of Science and Technology, there is something beyond that , which cannot be controlled by any of these Manmade equipments.I would love to see my existence here on this mother earth, as a predefined unique purpose of serving humanity. Any additional opportunity as a Priest or an administrator would be an added gift by His Grace to do more justice to the purpose of my creation.Each new day for me , is nothing but an extended opportunity by the God , to do something fruitful for the mankind and humanity. No manmade barrier should obstruct the humanitarian cause.

I am thankful and happy to be associated with the educational venture of St. Thomas Orthodox Church Society, in the capacity of a Chairman. May God Almighty give us enough wisdom and prudence to provide the best possible opportunities to the kids of this village Loni, to empower them with quality education, moral values and overall development.

We have started this school solely out of our social commitment, to mould and guide the kids of this village and to make them realise that sky is their limit and humanity lies above all. So, let's all join hand in hand ...

Fr.Shaji Mathews 

St. Thomas School

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