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Dear Parents, Hope and pray that you all are safe and healthy, spending quality time with your family As the current situation is grim and unpredictable, we are prepared to help the students to understand the lessons through various learning activities. You are requested to download and install ZOOM App, for online doubt clearance session, as and when required by the teachers and the students/parents. You are required to have a laptop/ smartphone with internet connection for the same. The given link will be helpful, if you find any difficulty in installation of the App . https://youtu.be/F7QhIR0UGnE https://youtu.be/OM0fc5q9mLA https://youtu.be/jCX0pIut8gM I wish all of you will appreciate and encourage our initiatives and efforts ,with your active participation and cooperation. From 1st April, all classes will be getting notes/ activities/ worksheets through Edunext Mob App as per the syllabus for the next academic year. You are expected to help your kids to get those done . You can talk to the teachers through communicate section if any thing to be clarified Thank you Principal

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