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The noble venture 'Share if you Care' gives each Thomasanian the opportunity to awaken himself to the needs and desires of fellow schoolmates who are less privileged than him. The pioneering drive envisaged by the Chairman, Rev. Fr. Shaji Mathews on 2nd December 2018.As a part of this intiative ,Thomasanian share their pocket money  in order to help  the educational expenses of their financially challenged counterparts. After all, Charity begins at Home


THE GOOD SAMARITANS WEEK-Celebrating Xmas in a Unique way!

Helping hands are better than praying lips

St. Thomas School, LONI organiseD Good Samaritans Week , to celebrate Christmas in a unique way. Christmas which is an epitome of lovng, caring and sharing was amply visible in the actions of the students. During the week,Thomasanians donates  basic items such as woolens, used clothes, tooth paste, hair oil, soaps, biscuits, stationery, cold cream, socks, slippers, woolen caps, jam, etc. to  less privileged ones and  bring smiles on their faces . Giving credence to the adage, An ounce of help is always better than a pound of preaching. 


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